How this site is maintained

This is one cool site to maintain! Board members and project chairmen can log-in and change or add new pages to the site directly from their internet browser.   No special software needs to be loaded on their computers.  

No matter where they are in the world, editors can update the site safely.  Pictures can be uploaded with ease.  Text changes are as easy as typing in Microsoft Word or any other word processor.

Of course,   usernames and passwords are required for access.  These will be issued by the HARA Board.

The web site is automatically backed-up every night, so if somebody gets "fat fingers" and makes a monster mistake, the site can be retrieved from the backup copy.   

Try this live Sitebuilder Pro Demo: Click here to try-out our website building tool.  Then Select Sitebuilder-Pro.  No Passwords are required and your cannot make a mistake.  (Your test website will be deleted when you exit.)


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