December 13   “Ham in a Day.” 

  Get your first ham radio license or reinstate your old license.


This is an opportunity for anyone wishing to get their amateur radio technician license to study and take the exam all in one afternoon.  Directed study starts at 1:00 and continues till 6:00, when the test will be given.  For registration and more information, go to: . 


Also, anyone holding current technician and general licenses may arrive at 6:00 and take the tests to upgrade. 


And look at this...***If you or anyone you know has previously held an amateur radio license but let the license expire and now would like to get back into ham radio, recent rule changes now state that if you pass the technician license exam, you will be granted a license at your previous level.  For instance, if you were an amateur extra years ago, but let the license lapse, you can now get your extra license back by passing the technician exam.  See the ARRL website for details on proof of previous license.***  No Morse code is required for any grade license.


Tom Bosscher K8TB



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